30 September, 2007

Busy Like A Bee ...

Konichiwa zenbo tomotachi.
Ogenki desu ka ?

I've been "MIA" for quite awhile; as I'm either too tired or can't find time to update this blog of mine for the past 2 weeks.

Are you wondering where have I been? What am I doing? ... oh well, I'm back to work at Bunka Language School from 17 Sep ~ 26 Oct 2007, before my upcoming trip to China for an exhibition.

*Jac* has approached me several times around early Sept, telling me that they're really short-handed as one of their full-time staff just left and the next staff can only join them at the end of October. Henceforth, I'm pretty much of help during this transition period ... ha ha ha.

That's why, I'm busy like a bee these days ... with much time spent on travelling to & fro Jurong - Orchard - Jurong, 6 ~ 8 hours of part-time job a day, 3 shipments in a row at P2P for the month of Sept 07 and my kids' schoolwork, etc.

Basically, I'm left with no time for myself apart from my beauty sleeptime everyday. Anyone good at Mathematics? ... Please teach me how to multiply my time ... ha ha ha ... just kidding.

Wanna take a peek at my "temporary workplace" ? ...

{ Our Bunka babes - *Jac* & *Jess* are promoting the school's upcoming cultural event.
That Sushi-Making poster was handmade by Gima-sensei using toilet rolls ... he's very creative indeed! }

Ja ne, kyo tsu ke te !

Work is either fun or drudgery.
It depends on your attitude.
I like fun

~ Colleen C. Barrett

15 September, 2007

Imagination Project, Inc.

Just thought of sharing ...

I've just received an email dated 13 Sept 2007, from Janice Jezek of Imagination Project, Inc.

In her email, Janice mentioned that they've made the decision of NOT to CONTINUE in the scrapbooking industry. This is after 4 years of exhausting yet exhilarating cycle of coming up with new and better designs every few months.

So ladies, if you like any of their product lines, namely Gin-X, Chloe's Closet, Project Essentials, Center City, Chartreuse Dream, and Blue Cardigan, do grab hold of them while you can !!!

P.S. : If I don't remember wrongly, P2P still has some limited quantities of their past collections of patterned papers, do check it out!

14 September, 2007

Remembering Times at P2P

{ Warning : This is a Long Post }

Pictures ‘2’ Pages was my 1st business that’s solely operated online. It’s a very different experience from my past business venture on mobilephone wholesaling & retailing; and especially challenging for a “not-so” IT savvy person like me.

Through the process, I did pick up some extra knowledge like HTML coding, photoshop, managing data-based shopping cart, building HTML newsletters, etc etc.

In fact, this E-store of mine is a 100% DIY site, with no professional help at all. It was being built with my brother’s great help.

Thinking back (in Year 2004), I didn’t opt to spend a few thousands bucks on professional web-designing services coz I’m afraid that I might give it up after a short while … but who knows, P2P is coming 3 this year!

It all started with me who believes that dreams do come true. Of coz, I’m well-aware that our dreams don’t just fall into our laps – sweat free – but instead, I believe that we have to have faith in our dreams, work for them and have patience when they sometimes take longer to materialize than we would like them to.

The cool thing is, when everything is said and done – and the dream that was once just a picture in my mind – is actually facing me head on … no doubt it has ALWAYS been worth the price I had to pay for.

Hmmm … you must be wondering what price am I talking about … here’s some examples of what I used to “pay”:-
  • Self-discipline (loads & loads of it) – as working from home, as well as there’s no accountability to anyone … tend to make a person slack and to work at his own pace.

  • Running an “One Man Show” business was really good at giving me lots of stress as I could NEVER leave the business out of my mind … thinking, talking & planning business constantly. There are so many strings attached to owning a business … that most people don’t fully understand, until they actually experience it!

  • Irregular working hours – as I tend to accommodate with offline customers' preferred shopping hours, this would meant working at nights (after regular office hours), weekends and especially public holidays. On top of that, I had to stay up till late nights to place orders & communicate with those US manufacturers (it's all due to our geographical differences).

  • Unwanted gossiping & negative remarks from competitors … well, I shall not do any finger-pointing right here as they’d definitely know who they are.

    On this aspect, I’d normally fall back onto my DH for his moral support & comfort, where he’ll always remind me to “Mind Your Own Business”.

  • Shopping with a business in mind – I’m being reminded by a great friend of mine *A* to get in product lines that my customers would want instead of what I want. Obviously, this deprived my enjoyment of personal scrap-shopping.

  • To catch up with the grueling-yet-exhilarating cycle of new product launches from hundreds of manufacturers in every few months.
Nevertheless, I’ve never regretted on following those urges to do something different, to listen to my heart and accomplished my dream of having a scrapbook haven right at my own home – Life is too short NOT to chase after your dreams.

Oh yes, I ought to give it a mention … I’m also very grateful and would like to thank my family for their past support, kind understanding and assistance rendered.
  • My Mum - who helped me with stocktaking & pricing whenever my shipments came in, and also most importantly, took great care of my kids when I’m totally engrossed in work.

  • Bro *A* - who helped me with my site development as well as making deliveries during my absence.

  • Sis *J* - who helped me with the processing & mailing of orders as well as meeting up “self-collection” customers during my absence.

  • NC - for his moral support and great understanding (can you imagine … I’ve messed up our whole house in order to free up more storage & display space ... and without any complaints from him at all?).

  • R1 & R2 - for not meddling with my stock whenever they came back home. Occasionally, they even helped me with the pricing & displaying of products … but due to their height, my products being displayed on the racks were normally below eye-level … LOL).
  • And not forgetting my Dad, who is not really involved in my business operation. But rather, he did show his concern (quite regularly) by popping questions like : "Why are you always sitting in front of your PC; at the very moment when you opened your eyes and till late nights?" or "Why can't you do it tomorrow since work is never-ending?", etc etc.

    Guess what's my typical reply? ... "No choice, if I'm not doing it, who is gonna do it for me ??"

Oh, I’m so blessed !!

Lastly, a big heartfelt thanks to those valued customers-turned-friends (both locally & overseas) who have been supporting P2P, for cheering us on, and for those sweet & encouraging emails/SMSes received.

** Please do continue to support P2P as I strongly believe that Ms Detha will bring it to a much greater height in the near future. **

Before I end this post, I’d like to invite you to take a peek at what was it like behind the scenes at P2P and to reminisce with me the times of shopping with us.


13 September, 2007

Best Blog Friend Tag

I had a lovely surprise from Jazzscraps this morning ... I've been tagged for the very 1st time (I'm a 1-month old blog-newbie ... hee hee) and it's great FUN !!!

*** A very big "TEN-Q" to Jasmin !!! ***

So, with this cute bunny tag, I'm supposed to choose 2 of my best blogging buds and tag them with it and then they will go on to tag 2 of their friends, etc etc.

Here you go ...
Audrey { from UK }
- She's a very talented scrapper who's always there for me whenever I need help (thank you, pal).

Edleen { from CREATE - Singapore }
- She's inspiring me ... she can scrap, blog, organize crop sessions, host scrap challenges and owns a scrapbooking forum ... despite her super busy schedule as a mother of 4. It's amazing, isn't it?

Lastly, to all my other blogging friends, this also goes out to you too.

10 September, 2007


I’m very excited and thrilled to announce some BIG, BIG news about P2P!

My online store - Pictures2Pages.com, has been acquired by a wonderful friend of mine, Ms Bernadetha, w.e.f. 25 July 2007.

She has been scrapping since Year 1999 (with limited choice of supplies to play with back then – mainly stickers). She’s also customizing scrapbooks for others as well as selling supplies at numerous craft fairs.

It’s not surprising that you might have even met her way before this; at LSS or crop sessions as she’s very addicted to scrapbooking and “scrap-shopping” (like you & me).

One of the reasons I’m excited for Ms Detha, is that after scrapping for 8 years, she’s now realizing something she has dreamt of doing - and that is, having her own scrapbooking business, making it grow and thrive and be something she can call her very own.

I’m sure this news may come as a surprise to many of you, as I didn’t say much about this transition until now. It was because there were a few issues that needed to be finalize before making an official announcement regarding it.

Nevertheless, the experiences I had over these 3 years have been truly amazing. I’ve been so blessed to become friends and acquaintances with so many creative people (both locally and overseas); having the same goal like mine -- to preserve our memories and create lasting legacies for generations to come.

My DH needs assistance from someone that he can trust … therefore, our choice is obvious and I’ve to come to this conclusion. In fact, he has been asking for my help since the beginning of Year 2006 and I’ve been putting it off for more than a year.

I’m especially looking forward to this new change as there’ll definitely be improvements, new ideas, different product ranges and a whole new shopping experience at P2P !!!

And so, with mixed emotions, much excitement and gratefulness for many things, I’m looking forward to the future of Pictures 2 Pages. Lastly, I really value the friendships I’ve formed over these years and love the people I’ve been so fortunate to work with … A Zillion of Thanks !!!

Jane Chai
… and for the last time to include this title in my signature line,
Owner, Pictures 2 Pages

Back To School

This September school holiday has come to an end ... the kids will be going back to school later (well, I'm writing this post @ 2.30am where the kids will be up around 7.30am to prepare for school).

Looking back, it was a rather "stay-at-home" break for them. Although R1 did go for an overnight camp in school early last week. I didn't really plan anything for them as I was tied up with a new shipment for P2P, NC's blog updates as well as some web-designing thingy ... Oops ... I'm feeling guilty right now, "I'm sorry kids" :(

Anyway, I did spend my whole Sunday with them at home ... trying to get all their holiday assignments done (if you know me well enough, I'm Mrs "Last-Minute" ... LOL).

The kids had a (messy) painting session on their own while I struggled with their craft assignments ... I nearly blow my lungs out while doing that watercolour flower for R1 ... ha ha ha ... I remembered doing such craftwork during my school days (donkey years back).

Wanna take a peek at our "homework" - with instructions/requirements given by their teachers ???

{ A paper plate face puppet & a "mirror" using aluminium foil, popsicle stick & round plastic cover - for R2 }
{ A watercolour "blown" flower - for R1 }

09 September, 2007

Great Photography Tips ...

Initially, I planned to enrol for a 10-session Foundation Photography Course at one of our local Community Centres, commercing on 7 Sept 2007.

However, due to insufficient participants, this class has been pushed back till early-Oct.

Since I'll be travelling to China for an exhibition next month ... guess gotta give it a miss ... *sigh*

On the other hand, thank you Aida, for sharing this great site on Photography Tips by KAREN RUSSEL with me ... do check it out !!!


04 September, 2007

Snapping, Snapping & Snapping Away ...

It was a quiet Monday afternoon where R1 went for her K2 Overnight Camp @ JCK (3 - 4 Sept 2007). What a peaceful afternoon with only 1 kid at home ... playing with his Gameboy all by himself !

So eagerly, I picked up my new toy and snapped from top to bottom, left to right ... and of coz, R2 was my model for the day!!

In fact, I'm quite clueless about my Canon EOS 40D (with much more buttons & features than my Sony T3) as I'm a 1st-time DSLR user. But I still managed to capture some "moments" of my little one playing attentively.

{ R2 : "Mummy, are you done ?" }
P.S. Those scrapping bugs are biting my hands almost everyday, I WANT TO SCRAP !!! But all my scrapbooking barang-barangs are being stored away for the time being ... so how??

01 September, 2007

My New Toy

Yippee-ya-ya !!! I've got myself a Canon EOS 40D - Kit II (with EF-S 17-85 IS USM) today !!!

Well, I've finally decided to go for it after 2 days of pondering, pondering & pondering ... hahaha.

However the thought of better-quality photos for my 2 little darlings, will definitely make this investment worthwhile.

I'd be registering for Canon's free training soon and hope to pick up a few photography tips from there ... and start snapping away like a Pro (hopefully).