30 May, 2008

By R2 ...

It's the 1st week of school holidays here, and my kiddoes have nothing better to do at home ...

So, this is done by R2 & he insisted that I MUST blog it ... no choice, gotta grant this little wish of his. Any comments? ... LOL

25 May, 2008

NO Internet Connection @ Home

Sorry friends, I don't mean to "wash our dirty laundry" openly here ... but I really need some outlet to voice out my discontentment. Hence, please bear with me ...

*A* & I are having a cold war since 17 Mar 2008, due to some housing/room-sharing issues. But this has worsened over these 2 months ... and evolved into a "yours & mine" attitude lately.

As he's paying for the monthly Starhub Broadband at home ... it's being locked against any authorised usage (only he can enjoy it, sharks!).

So, 2 pathetic souls (ha ha ha ... namely, Sis *J* & myself) are sitting at the nearby National Library right now ... surfing net & blogging, while R1 is reading as many story books as she can.

Luckily, I still have access to the internet to surf/blog/MSN during normal office hours :) However, this affects my Sis *J* the most as she can't do her school project at home :(

21 May, 2008

Hard Work is the Yeast that Raises the Dough

R1 & my hard work really pay off ... from drawing up a study timetable, loads of revision exercises, tuition, 1-to-1 coaching & the "reward" system ... really help to produce good results.

Since my last trip back from China in March, I've decided to put in more effort in R1's school work so as to prepare her for the mid-year examinations. I've been trying my best to tame my temper & give R1 a little more patience ... and I've "sacrificed" my personal time to sit beside her while she's doing her homework &/or revision exercises on a daily basis.

Today, R1 came home with her Report Book, with quite pleasing results (#2 out of a class of 29, #32 out of all 346 P1 students) ... ** smiling from ear to ear ** ... BUT, we still need to strive for better ranking among her peers after the June holidays.

Rachel, well done! Keep it up!

19 May, 2008

A Day At The Beach

A day at the beach ... overlooking the sea,
contemplating the waves as they kiss the shores ever so gently.

Bro *A* & my mum brought both kiddoes to East Coast Park this afternoon, despite the 33°C hot weather lately.

** Phew! Luckily I chose to stay at home ... coz R1 & R2 came home looking very tan. ** However, from the "evidence" below, both of them have enjoyed themselves to the fullest !!

I've made a little request for my mum to take some pics of them ... so here you go ... these going out specially to Daddy *NC*.

17 May, 2008

Where's My Adhesives ???

It's a long weekend here in Singapore ... as next Monday is a gazetted public holiday (i.e. Vesak Day) = NO WORK !! .... Yippppeeeee !!

Having 3 full days of free time on hand, plus a rather "stay-at-home" mood but I've got nothing much that I'd love to do ... what a waste !!

So, as usual, I hopped around those scrapbooking blogs for the whole afternoon & I'm inspired to start scrapping all over again (after an extremely long break).

For a quick start, I think this Pencil Lines site will be able to help me to get the ball rolling ... but hold on, where's my acid-free adhesives ?!?! and where's my 12 x 12 trimmer ?!?! ** alamak !! **

Here I go again, giving myself silly & lame excuse of ... "It'll be much easier to start with; after I do some scrapbooking shopping to get my hands on some "latest & greatest" products." ... ha ha ha

11 May, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008

Wishing all wonderful mummies out there, and especially to my dearest mum & mother-in-law (back in Hong Kong) ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!!

By large, mothers and housewives are the only workers
who do not have regular time off.
They are the great vacation-less class.
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

As for myself, I've received these inexpensive yet heartwarming pressies from my kiddoes. These really melted my heart ... thank you very much !

From HER,

R1 spent almost 70% of last Friday's school allowance to get 2 of these handmade flowers from the bookshop ... one for me & one for granny (how thoughtful of her).

From HIM,

Last Friday, R2 brought back 1 handmade card, 1 stalk of carnation & 2 cookies from school ... but he couldn't resist the temptation & ate 1 cookie before I reached home from work (ha ha ha ... ).

02 May, 2008

4th Day of Work

Work saves us from three great evils:
Boredom, Vice & Need.
~ Voltaire

Today, is my 4th day of work ... on the other hand, it's also *Jennifer's* last day of work with the organization.

I've been trying very hard to "master" her duties & responsibilities within such a short time-frame. And I just hope that I can perform just as good as her (cos it's human nature to make comparisons). ** aiyoh ... it's making me so stressed up **

However, I just wanna wish *Jennifer* all the best in her future endeavour and thank her for everything !!

{ This will definitely liven up my work space }