18 May, 2009

Belated Mother's Day Card

Don't complain ... I can hear u ...

R2 must have read my previous blog post on Mother's Day Gift for this year & discovered his mummy has lodged a complaint that she didn't receive anything from him ... LOL (just joking, he's too young for it).

Last Friday evening, the moment I stepped into the house ... I saw R2 sitting at the dining table doodling "something", quietly & patiently. I didn't probe into what was it, as it's usual to see him "creating" art pieces, every now & then.

Minutes later, R2 presented this hand-drawn card to me ... although it's belated but I'm alright with it & I love it !! ... Thank you, my boy !!

He even pointed out to me that his design concept was ... each flower petal of the same colour, will come with an opposite pattern. This kid really has an eye for details.

P.S. I always encourage my kids to date their work, so that I can incorporate them into my scrapbook pages; in time to come.

15 May, 2009

A Shutterbug-To-Be

It's yet another "free & easy" workday in the office ... I've been surfing the net as usual, like nobody's business since this morning.

Happened to chance upon the People's Association website & found something interesting ** Whoohoo !! **

Without much delay, I've signed up for a D'Artist Photography Class at Nanyang Community Centre, commencing on 23 May 2009. It'll be a short 8-session course, comprising of 2 field trips for outdoor shooting (day & night). Sounds exciting, huh ???

I've been wanting to attend such photography-related courses for the past 1.5 years. But majority of them were held either at the eastern or northern part of our island. And I really hate the thought of travelling so far & alone ... well, you can classify me under a commonly used term - LAZY ... ha ha ha

After firming up my foundation, I'd very much love to move on to their intermediate & advanced levels, as well as joining overseas photography trips organized by those professionals. Let's hope everything goes on well & I'll be able to fully-utilize my "WHITE ELEPHANT", purchased back in Year 2007.

Oh yes, before I end this post today ...

May all your wishes come true real SOON !!

{ As promised, here's a chocolate cake, JUST FOR YOU ... LOL }

10 May, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother's Day to my mum, mother-in-law (in HK) & myself too ... though I'm still feeling down & moody, due to a couple of personal reasons ** sigh **

For documentation purpose, I've decided to do a simple post on what I've received from R1 this year. It's a handmade fabric carnation, which she bought from her school's bookshop. As usual, she got 1 stalk for me & 1 stalk for granny ... THANK YOU, Kei Kei !!

As for R2, NOTHING from him this year. I wondered how come his kindergarten teacher didn't plan for little surprises for the mummies this year ??

Anyway, I'm blessed with a pair of healthy kids ... what more can a mother ask for ??

09 May, 2009

Handling Anger & Disappointment

I must admit that I'm always facing difficulty in dealing with my anger, constructively & effectively ... especially towards my kids. There was another outburst of my anger earlier & both kids got whipped.

Reason :
R1's Chinese examination is scheduled on next Wednesday. BUT, instead of making use of this long weekend (Vesak Day PH) to do more revision exercises & school homework. Both kids have been monkeying around the house for more than half a day!! They were watching cartoons, playing board game, "catching" session from room-to-room, PSP gaming, doodling & such.

This afternoon, I did explain to them (patiently) that all the above-mentioned activities can be done after R1's examinations & throughout the whole June holiday. The priority now, is to get prepared for the upcoming Chinese papers.

However, R1 turned a deaf ear to all my advices & backtalked "What's the point of getting good results?!" ... I'm upset, really disappointed with her statement. I've been spending majority of my monthly paycheck on them for private tuition at home, several enrichment classes, health supplements, quality milk, magazine subscriptions & surprise gifts & toys (every now & then). But what do I get in return ??? ** sigh **

I just did some googling earlier & found some Tips for Handling Anger & will try to adopt some suggestions from these articles. Hoping that things will turn around real soon ... ...

P.S. My siblings had planned for a simple Mother's Day celebration at home this evening, but I wasn't in the mood to enjoy it at all.

07 May, 2009

Mugging Away ...

School examinations are here again, most mummies will get stressed up during this period of time ... & I'm definitely one of them !!

To make matter worst, some flu bugs caught up with R1 since Labour Day. She was down with high fever & flu for almost 3 days. However, this diligent little girl of mine, still insisted to attend her writing class, tuition sessions & piano class over the past weekend.

So, in between naps ... she was mugging away, trying to finish up as many test revision papers from school as well as revision exercises from her tutor.

{ Cheeky R2 was checking on his sister's progress ... ha ha ha }

Look !! A loose milk tooth, right in front ... & just only 3 days before R1's oral examinations. What a good timing !! ** faint **

My only concern was ... Will it affect her pronunciation of " S " & " F " during her upcoming oral examinations ?? ... ha ha ha

Anyway, R1 didn't experience much pain as that tooth was already very loose. It came out easily, with a little tug from me.

P.S. The Tooth Fairy has visited R1 that night & took away her baby tooth ... to SCRAPBOOK (in the near future).

In this pocket you will find a teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where dreams are made,
Let's see if you can make a trade.

In this pocket I will lay, the little tooth I lost today.
Please, dear fairy, tonight as I sleep, leave me a coin.
My tooth you can keep.