31 August, 2007

To EOS or Not ???

COMEX 2007 is here !! ... and found this !!

Yes !! I'm contemplating whether should I get a DSLR as I'm rather pissed off with my current Sony T3.

On top of that, I'm also checking out on any great deals for lappies as I intend to upgrade my current Fujitsu LifeBook.

Oh no ... these will DEFINITELY burn a big hole in my purse.

28 August, 2007

Look What’s Sprouting Up !

JCK has organized a visit to the Aero-Green Vegetable Farm on 23 Aug 2007 (Thur) for all their Nursery pupils.

I'm really impressed by JCK's teaching method - they will make an effort to organise short excursion trips for their pupils at all levels; in accordance to their teaching syllabus throughout the whole year.

R2 is being taught on "Plants" this school term and he brought back his little school project on the very next day from his farm trip.

These bean sprouts are growing very well under R2's attentive care ... ha ha ha. He'll water them several times a day, where R1 & I had to drain off the excessive water - just in case "his bean sprouts got drown".

That silly little boy of mine even took a stool to sit in front of his bean sprouts and stare at them. When asked ... he told me that he's watching them grow !!

“You can learn many things from children.
How much patience you have, for instance.”
~ Franklin P. Jones

27 August, 2007

Curiosity, Adventures and Discoveries

"Children are our role models.
They embrace discovery and wonder.
They are natural learners.
These are precious qualities that should be
nurtured and stimulated throughout our lives."
~ Ole Kirk Christiansen

My 1st trip to Singapore Discovery Centre with R1 & R2 on 26 Aug 2007 (Sun).

It's rather tiring but rewarding ... watching the kids exploring around with great curiosity, loads of questionings, laughter and fun ... made me realised that I've not spent enough quality time with them for the past 3 yrs.

Hence, I guess it's high time for me to "shuffle" my priorities in life as we only live once - To make the fullest of it and without any regrets!

Here's some snapshots of our trip ...

{ Watching a 3D animation @ iWerks Theatre }

{ Talking to Little George - SDC one-of-a-kind interactive mascot }

{ @ So Singapore Toons! 2007 Cartoon Exhibition }

{ @ So Singapore Toons! 2007 Cartoon Exhibition }

{ @ So Singapore Toons! 2007 Cartoon Exhibition }

{ Little pilots undergoing training ... hee hee }

25 August, 2007

Great Minds Think Alike

"If You Never Try, You Will Never Know" - this is what my dad used to tell me.

For the past week, I'm busy with some planning, sourcing and market researching for my new business idea ... where I shall not discuss any further now. I've even registered a new domain name for that ... so I'm pretty determined to give it a shot !!!

A friend of mine - *A* and I were chatting over the phone just now (as usual). We'd chat with each other whenever time allows and our subjects will be everything under the sun ...

*A* was away on a business trip to China last week, so we didn't have much opportunity to update each other.

So during our earlier tele-conversation, I shared with *A* my new business plan excitedly ... but to my great surprise ... *A* told me that she's having the same idea like mine !!

Likewise, she has also registered a domain name for it around 3 weeks ago. Can you believe it? Both of us are actually working towards the same direction without any prior discussion/information at all !!

Was it telepathy? ... Clairvoyance? ... Extrasensory Perception? ... Mind-Reading? ... Sixth Sense? ... or simply put GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE !!!

23 August, 2007

When You Teach Your Son, You Teach Your Son's Son ~ The Talmud

Following the unsuccessful attempt to get R1 into a more reputable school nearby, we've got no other choice but to register her into an "average" neighbourhood school.

As such, I've been instructed to free up more of my time to coach R1 in her studies personally ... in hope to "fight" for a transfer (with good academic results) to another better school in the following year.

On the other hand, let's pray hard that MOE will assign more good, experienced & responsible teachers to that particular neighbourhood school next year ... ha ha ha

Apparently, my 1st New Year's Resolution for Year 2008 - Better Time Management in order to juggle between my kids, family, business, NC's upcoming business projects ... and not forgetting scrapbooking & blogging !!!

Lastly, I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to my dearest mum for helping R1 (all along) with all her schoolwork and enrichment classwork for 'Han Yu Pin Yin', Phonics, Creative Thinking, Abacus, etc etc ...

Gosh !! Isn't it stressful to all ... granny, mummy & a 5-yr old kid ???

21 August, 2007

Moving On ...

By now, many close friends as well as P2P customers might already know that we've moved since 30 July 2007.

This decision for the sale of our "Home Sweet Home" seemed pretty hasty. The whole resale transaction seemed effortless too (our flat was sold in less than a week; with only a handful of potential buyers came over for viewing) ... but of coz ... I'm not gonna reveal the selling price here ... hee hee

Honestly, I'm having some mixed feelings on the night before the move ~ sad and can't bear to leave my present home filled with wonderful memories; yet looking forward to the next house .... hmmm

Anyway, here's some pics to keep as mementos ... well, I'm a SCRAPBOOKER !!!

~ Neat & Tidy (Before Valuation) ~
~ Cartons, Cartons, Everywhere ... (During Packing Up) ~
~ Off We Go ... (During The Move) ~
~ Oops ... a 120kgs load (During The Move) ~~ A big THANK YOU, Guys! (During The Move) ~

It's all part and parcels of life where there's nothing that we can hold onto forever .... except for beautiful memories and knowledge. (hmmm ... does this make any sense?)

13 August, 2007

Disappointed ...

Got up early in the morning ... prepared and sent R1 & R2 to school ... and headed straight to xxxxxx Pri School (for their P1 Balloting Exercise at 9am).

Surprisingly, many parents attended said session despite it's a Monday morning ...

My heart was pumping like crazy when the balloting started ... but it sunk to rock bottom when the balloting ended ... R1's application number was not being called = CAN'T get into that school of our choice ...

NC, what's your next plan ??

12 August, 2007

I'm Blogging !!!

Yippee !!

I've a blog of my own now ... after many years of reading my Sis J & fellow scrapbookers' blogs ... ha ha ha

I've decided to start blogging coz I'll be away pretty soon ... and I'd like to share a few of my adventures in motherhood, marriage, business, crafting & life in this "little cyberspace of mine". Apparently, this will serve as one of the platform to stay connected with my family & friends back here.

So, pls be patient while I try to figure out this "little space of mine".

Cheers !