31 March, 2008

The Perfect Recipe

I chanced upon this short & sweet message today & thought of sharing ...

The Perfect Recipe

(1) Find time to spend with your family
(2) Learn to love one another
(3) Compliment rather than complain

Baking Instructions:
Step 1 :

Add (1) into your daily schedule.

Step 2 :
Stir (2) and (3) together.

Step 3 :
Icing the cake with hugs & kisses is highly recommended.

Step 4 :
Serve to your whole family !

30 March, 2008

Goodbye ... (once again)

{ I'm blogging at the break of dawn ... while waiting for NC to call me from Singapore Changi Airport. }

Just came back from supper with NC & *JS*, can't get to sleep as I'm waiting for him to call me before he board the plane back to China ... Yes! he's going back there AGAIN for work.

Guess what ???
While NC is packing his luggage earlier, he walked over (out of nowhere), stood in front of me, held my hands & said "I can't bear to leave you." .... Ohhh ... I'm on cloud nine !!! Really didn't expect him to say this to me.

We've spent a total of 56 days together (from 4 Feb 08 till today; including 29 Feb - Leap Year) ... ha ha ha ... it's the longest period of time ever since Year 2003 !!! ... I'm starting to miss him too, but I'll be flying over to China in a couple of weeks' time ... till then, take care NC !!!

Some shots taken earlier with the kids before their bedtime ...
can you tell that they were tired & grouchy ??

18 March, 2008

On Sleep Mode

My dad came to the airport to pick us up @ 12.30am & we reached home around 1am this morning.

R2 didn't go to school today, where both of us slept through most of the day. I simply don't feel like doing anything at all, with no appetite too ... just wanna laze around the house.

But look at our messy luggages *faint*, I just wish for "someone" who can help to sort them out for me !

17 March, 2008

Going Home

It's time to go home !!
It's time for R2 to go back to school (Term II) !!

After 2 weeks of much KLKK-ing, shopping, eating, drinking with NC's friends ... I'm totally burnt out ... however, it was fun !!

Yesterday, we rushed like crazy to get all errands done before heading back to Singapore. We were at Guangzhou till 2pm, caught a train & reached Shenzhen around 4.30pm, then lugged our "barangs" back to HK around 11pm ... reached PIL's place & concussed till this morning.

Guess what? R2 woke up this morning & told me that he wishes to stay in HK & not coming back to Singapore ... hmmm ... that's strange & I wondered what happened to him ... ha ha ha.

Lastly, sincere thanks to Father & Mother for taking great care of R2 during the past 2 weeks. I'm sure he enjoyed his stay very much; which makes him don't feel like coming back to Singapore with us.

Also, a great thank you to *Uncle Jeffrey* for taking your time to send us to the airport.

16 March, 2008

KLKK-ing ... @ Nan Hai

For the past few days, NC visited several factories and I tagged along. But while he's having discussions with the suppliers, I went around snapping pictures ... simply just for fun as well as to share with my blog readers ... Cheers !!!

11 March, 2008

KLKK-ing ... @ GZ

Lately, the exchange rate is around S$1 = RMB5.10, so everything seems cheaper than usual ... hence, good buy & MUST BUY ... ha ha ha ...

NC brought me to Beijing Road for shopping as it's known to be "Guangzhou's Orchard Road". And indeed, it was very crowded even on weekdays !!

** Sorry, these pictures look blurry coz the sky was always hazy - wondering was it due to pollution or cool weather ??

09 March, 2008

Jellied Legs

It has been a week since I'm here in China ... and I can't access this blog of mine for most of the time ... arrrgghhh !!!

For a quick update, we left R2 under my PIL's care in HK & came over immediately on 4 Mar 2008 to attend a few exhibitions in Guangzhou. I've to walk for at least 5 hours daily with NC, plus 3 hours of personal shopping time. Can you imagine how tired am I at the end of each day ???

Here, some snapshots taken during the LED Show, and of coz ... it's me being the photographer !!!

03 March, 2008

We're Off to HK

Hi hi, I'm blogging from Singapore Changi Airport T1, while waiting to board the plane to Hong Kong ... hee hee ... shhhhh ... this shall be my 1st time to blog from here.

NC & I have decided to bring R2 along with us; although there're still a few more days to go before his March School Holidays start. By such arrangement, my mum can "take a break" for the next 2 weeks.

Anyway, look at my little boy ... he's so excited to go over to HK again. In fact, my parents-in-law are not aware that we'll be bringing him there & this is meant to be a surprise for them. (It has been slightly more than a year since they last saw R2.)

I'll try to update my blog whenever I can access it, as I understand from NC that it's impossible to access Blogger from China ... OH NO !!!