29 January, 2008

My Dream Room

What a gorgeous room !!!

I happened to chance upon this post from {Benita} at Two Peas earlier & I'm overwhelmed with the amount of scrapbooking goodies that she owns. Besides that, she's really good at organizing her space, and look at how creative she is by using curtain rods to display her layouts.

It's a SCRAPBOOK HEAVEN and I'm luvin' it !!!

A personal note to NC :
Can I have something like this in our new apartment ... PLEASE ?? ... hee hee

25 January, 2008

Back to Work

Whoo-hoo !!! ... After 7 years of running my own &/or hubby's businesses, I thought I could never be a "9 to 5 OL" again.

However, I managed to get 3 job offers this week after struggling thru' a total of 4 interviews altogether ... Lady Luck is watching over me these days, thanks !!

To be honest, I hate going for interviews as most HR Managers will "bombard" us with all sort of questions. On top of that, as a job seeker, you will have to sell/promote yourself to the hiring manager ... it's a sickening task which I hate most!

Nevertheless, I've accepted a job offer which expects me to commerce work on 1 Feb 2008.

I took up said offer after much consideration on issues like travelling time, working hours, overtime requirements, learning opportunities, etc. Coz my main focus will still have to be on my 2 kids, and I don't want said job to take up too much of my time.

I just hope that everything will goes well for me ...

22 January, 2008

Missing In Action ...

A quick glance at this blog of mine, made me realised that I've not been updating it for almost 2.5 weeks ... hmmmm .... some of you might be wondering why am I missing in action again ??? (ha ha ha)

Time really flies, and here's a summary of what I've been busy with for the past half a month ...


12 Jan 2008 : Jazzscraps was here in Singapore with her hubby for a short scrapbooking-shopping trip ... ohhhhh ... I'm green with envy :)

Despite her super tight itinerary, Detha and I managed to meet up with her over dinner at Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant. Our talking point for the whole dinner session was none other than SCRAPBOOKING !!! Simply fun !!!

Jazzscraps and I didn't see each other since her previous trip to Singapore in Year 2006, however, we still update each other thru' our blogs as well as Google Chat.

Anyway, see YOU again in June !!!


16 Jan 2008 : Received a SMS for another dinner get-together session with a group of ex-colleagues (back in Year 1999). It was an evening full of eating & non-stop talking although there were only 4 of us ... indulging in reminiscence of the great old times working together.

Not forgetting to thank BH for her dinner treat at Swensen's :p


Besides that, I've been running around sending/fetching R1 & R2 to tuition & enrichment classes ... 6 days in a week.

I'm also trying my very best to coach R1 in her schoolwork on a daily basis, without me throwing my temper at her (this is the reason why I'd rather engage a tuition teacher for her).

Other than my kids, I'm also in the midst of hunting for a full-time job. With CNY just around the corner, there's also loads of spring-cleaning & shopping to do ... busy, busy, busy, busy ... is the only word that I can think of now.

06 January, 2008

1st "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So" Lesson

Whoo-hoo !!! R1's long-awaited piano class has commenced this afternoon ... she was enthusiastic about her 1st lesson since last night *wink*

Another great news is ... my Sis *J* has agreed to accompany R1 for lessons on my behalf ... ha ha ha ... (I've heard from her teacher that it's best to attend lessons with the child throughout the 1st year of said program ... oh no ... it's a one-year committment.)

As the music school is right next to the library, I've decided to spend our time there while waiting for R1.

Look, R2 had totally immersed himself into a few piles of story books ...

04 January, 2008

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Since R1 will be given pocket money on a daily basis, I thought it's an ideal time to begin teaching her about the value of money & the importance of regular savings.

Otherwise, in a child's world, money comes from Mummy and Daddy's pockets. And when we are tapped, a machine magically spouts dollars after merely pushing a few buttons. It might be natural for them to assume that money is readily available whenever it's needed.

So, on the very 1st day of school ... I took out one of her birthday presents from her ex-classmate - a Chip 'n Dale coin bank - and encouraged her to put all her balance pocket money into it. After which, I shall bring her to deposit her savings into her bank account when it's full ... (sounds good, huh? ... hee hee)

Hopefully, this will help R1 to develop a strong saving habit & to learn how to make smart purchases.

Perhaps even learn why they can't immediately get everything they want - as adults often save their money for items they want to buy - and definitely not "I want ... Buy me this ... !".

03 January, 2008

Hello, I'm Tigger

We bought this Tigger costume from Hong Kong for R2 way back in Year 2005 ... that's why, it looked a little small on him now. In fact, we chucked it into his wardrobe and totally forgotten about it ... ha ha ha

This little brat found it yesterday and eagerly asked Granny to put it on for him. Therefore, I quickly snapped some pics while he can still fit into it ... and he's simply too cute !!!

R2: "Mummy, can you help me to take a picture of my tail?? ...
Coz I can't see it from here."

02 January, 2008

R1's First Day of School

For the last few weeks, R1 has been counting down the days until her "big day" - today - her 1st day of Primary 1!

I remembered when she was still a baby, I've been thinking how nice it would be when she starts school where we can get a break during the day ... and the day we envisioned is here ... it's just happening way too fast!

I must admit that this morning was filled with mixed emotions. I'm worried that R1 couldn't take care of herself in school, couldn't cope with her school work or will she get bullied by her classmates, and such. However, I must have faith in her that she can make it.

On the contrary, R1 was excited over many new things like taking a school bus, new uniforms, new books, new school, new friends, and so on ...

{ Daddy NC just called to say ... "I love you, Rachel" }
"Your school bus is here, Rachel ... off you go!"

After school was out - Granny, R2 & myself (the family photographer) went down to wait for R1's school bus to send her back. When we got home, R1 couldn't help but to talk most of the evening about everything she did in school.

Thankfully the day has come and gone, filled with memorable moments - knowing that many more memorable moments are to follow !!

01 January, 2008

Getting Ready for the "Big Day"

- Today's To Do List -

1. To complete R2's holiday craftwork assignments

2. To complete R2's K1 Scrapbook

3. To double-check R2's holiday homework

4. To iron-on R1's nametags onto her uniforms

5. To iron both kids' school uniforms

6. To get ready R1's stationeries for school

7. To pack R1's school bag for tomorrow

Being a "Mrs Last-Minute" resulted to a whole list of tasks to be done by today ... *faint*.

Happy New Year !!!


Wishing all my friends & families
a very Blessed & Joyous 2008 filled with
Lots of Love, Warmth, Happiness & Cheers!