27 February, 2008

I Surrendered

I'm feeling relieved today, as it's my last day with Altus Group ... hmmmm ... well, I've decided to stop trying and surrender.

In fact, I've made this decision on 14 Feb 2008 and my superior even asked me why am I giving him such a big Valentine's Day present (ie. my resignation letter) ... ha ha ha

However, I'll definitely miss those fun-loving & helpful colleagues of mine.

20 February, 2008

Happy Birthday To Mum & *Apple*

TODAY = my dearest mum as well as my best friend's birthday ... and I remembered saying these every year ...

"Happy Birthday To Both,
Happy Birthday To Both of U !!!"

Anyway, my Bro *A* has taken the initiative to book a table @ Tung Lok Restaurant - The Arena Country Club this evening, for a family dinner to celebrate my mum's 59th birthday.

In fact, we used to arrange for such dinner on everyone's birthday in the past. But ever since NC is travelling more & more over the years, this little family tradition of ours has been tentatively discontinued ...

However, I managed to snap some shots during our dinner ... so as to prove how happy my mum was earlier :D

10 February, 2008

4th Day of New Year

Time flies, flies, flies ... today is already the 4th day into the Lunar Year of Rat.

For the past 3 days, we've been busy going around visiting relatives & friends, giving out & receiving "Ang Baos" and of coz, loads of catching up {as we hardly meetup these old friends since NC is not in town for most of the time}.

I only managed to snap a few pics, here & there ... coz I find it a hassle to lug my camera along *LOL*

Here you go, something to share ... ...

"Gong Xi Fa Cai ! ... Hong Bao Na Lai !"
Mass "Lo Hei" - meaning "tossing up good fortune".
"Wanna have some ??"
*Sigh*, *sigh*, *sigh* ... after having a great time this CNY holiday ... I gotta go back to work tomorrow & there's more work, work & work waiting for me.

On top of that, NC will be going back to China for business again ... and I wonder when is he coming back home again ??? :(

07 February, 2008

::: Gong Xi Fa Cai :::

Wishing all my dearest friends out there,

新年快樂 ,
身体健康 ,
万事如意 !

03 February, 2008

Energizer Bunny ... Keep Going !!!

A sincere thanks to my dear friends ... *Apple*, *FS* & *Ed* for all your kind words & encouragement today.

Don't worry, I shall adopt the Energizer Bunny's "Keep Going & Never Say Die spirit" ... ha ha ha.

02 February, 2008

1st Day of Work

Yesterday was my 1st day of work ... hmmmm ... I really don't know how to express my mixed feelings in words right now.

In summary, there isn't any HR personnel/dept in this organization for the past 18 yrs of their business. Therefore, needless to say, there's no proper documentation, filing, payroll system at all.

On top of that, this organization is expanding (by way of merger &/or acquisition). As such, there are a number of smaller subsidiaries (both locally & overseas) with their own Compensation & Benefits packages, their own set of working guidelines, etc ... it seems very "messy" & out of control to me. As a parent company's HR personnel, all these will become part of my job & responsibilities ... sigh, sigh, sigh ...

After a short meeting with the organization's CEO yesterday, I kept pondering over issues like, Can I manage this post (after 7 yrs of gap)? Can I perform up to the CEO's expectations? Am I doubting my own abilities? Did I make a wrong choice? (should have opted for the one "up on the mountain"?) ... ...

Apart from that, I missed my kids right after lunchtime ... and I quickly made a call back home to chat with my little R2 for awhile. The next moment, I started to countdown till 5.30pm ;)

I'm in a dilemma right now ... should I take on this challenge or should I just get a stress-free part-time job to pass time (as I've plans to venture into another business real soon) ???