25 April, 2008


One more LV for me please ...

This Louis Vuitton handbag has been on my Wish List since it's first launch last year.

Look, I've finally got my hands on it today !!! ... Yipppeeeeee ...

This afternoon, I managed to convince myself to splurge on it ... as I needed a new bag for my new job, which is commencing on 28 Apr 2008. Oh no, I think it's a pretty lame excuse to use ... isn't it ??? But whatever it is, I don't care ... as it really feels good to spoil myself once in awhile. ** wink **

Anyway, who says WE (i.e. women) need any reasons/excuses to go shopping & indulge ourselves with little gifts to make ourselves happier ??? ... LOL

23 April, 2008

What Am I Waiting For ???

I've mentioned in my previous post that I've an opportunity knocking on my door lately ... yeah, I've decided to seize it !!!

Well, actually it's a job opportunity offered by my ex-company (which I worked for merely a month). As I got along quite well with those colleagues there, so right now, they are offering me a post which is totally different from what I used to do as a HR personnel ... a CEO's SECRETARY.

I've no formal secretarial experience, but I'm pretty surprised that my boss-to-be is willing to train me up & fill the gap. So, my friends were asking me : "Then what are you waiting for ??"

Hence, needless to say, I'm going for it !!! ... & hopefully everything will go well for me this time. ** keeping my fingers crossed **

On the other hand, I'll have to forgo my upcoming fully-sponsored trip to Beijing in May 2008. ** weep, weep, weep **

21 April, 2008

Philosophy of Life

"人生路漫漫 , 山水有相逢" ... ... NC will always remind me of this statement when it comes to handling people & relationships.

In fact, he's indirectly telling me to give some leeway to others now, as there may be a time when their help will come in handy in the future.

This is just his "2 cents", but true enough, it works !!! ... An opportunity is now knocking on my door !!!

15 April, 2008

R1's 1st Pair of Spectacles

眼镜, 眼镜找朋友 ... this is R1's 1st pair of spectacles (i.e. her new acquaintance) & she seems pretty happy to get to know this new friend ... ** Arghhh !! **

Anyway, I'll update this space soon on her new look ... hee hee

R1's school will be conducting a Semestral Assessment 1 "Show & Tell" Presentation for all P1 pupils next week. During said presentation, every pupil will be given 3 to 5 minutes to talk about "My Favourite Toy", and this will form one of the components in their Mother Tongue language examination. ** super stressed out **

While helping R1 with the above preparation, then I realised that her favourite toy is Barbie Doll ... hey, I used to play with that too ... hmmm ... around 20 over years back !!

However, I've bought this sweet-looking, little Japanese dolly - Mell Chan for R1 today. My intention is to motivate her to work harder for the upcoming SA1 exams in early May.

On the other hand, I'm wondering does this trick work ??? So, let's wait & see ... ** keeping my fingers crossed **

13 April, 2008

Managing Time

It has been 2 weeks since R1 started her own { Study Timetable } at home ... but of coz, it was being drawn up by her mummy ... ME !! ... hee hee.

After I've created the below, I did MSN it to NC for his info., but his first reaction &/or comment towards it was ... "All work & no play, R1 will be going crazy soon !!!" ... LOL

For the past 3 months, she always seemed to have loads of homework to be done BUT not enough time for them. Hence, I thought this method might help R1 to manage her time more effectively.

Surprisingly, this little kiddo has been much excited about it and did try her best to follow as close as possible. (I just hope that this excitement doesn't go away just too soon.) So, I must think of some rewards to keep her going ... hmmm.

11 April, 2008

眼镜, 眼镜找朋友 ...

R1 & I went to Jurong Medical Centre - Eye Clinic @ 8.30am today for her eye-check appointment.

She was given a day of Medical Leave from school, as she received a dilated eye examination in order to prevent "accommodation".

Our natural lens is able to accommodate or adjust the eye’s focus until about the age of 40. Children are especially good at this, and their ability to accommodate sometimes prevents the doctor from getting an accurate refraction for glasses. That’s why young eyes are often dilated for a “wet” refraction so the doctor can get a true picture of what the child’s prescription really is.

After 3 hours spent over at the clinic, the OUTCOME = R1 is diagnosed with rather high myopia (considering her age at 6) ... Oh gosh !!!

Anyway, there's no point crying over spilled milk. But rather, I've got to accept the fact & start working on all suggested eye-care measures to help R1 to delay the progression as she grows ...

06 April, 2008

Myopia ... R1 is at Risk

Our family members have discovered that R1 tends to squirt her eyes while watching TV at home. According to her class teacher (about a week ago), she also does that in school (while reading Big Books with her class or when looking at words on the board). Hence, she suggested me to bring R1 to prescribe a pair of glasses for short-sightedness. ** worried **

Btw, I remembered she went for a thorough eye-check with R2 on 25 July 2007 and was being advised that her eyesight was satisfactory (although not perfect). So, little did I expect the progression of Myopia to be so fast !!!

{ Pics taken on 25 July 2007 @ Jurong Medical Centre }
Today, I brought her to an optometrist but due to her young age, I'm being told to bring her to an Eye Specialist Clinic to get her eyes examined. However, an initial test done today confirmed that she's suffering from Myopia. ** sigh, sigh, sigh **

For now, I'm very upset & guilty for not putting enough effort in taking good care of her well-being ... and also wondering was "it" partly inherited (in the genes) from me? ** sigh, sigh, sigh **

05 April, 2008

Mood Faces

Just wanna share ...

While I'm playing around with my camera earlier, this cheeky little one kept bugging me to take pics of his own version of mood faces ... any comments ??? ... LOL

*** 喜怒哀乐 ***

04 April, 2008

A Surprise Gift

R1 was pleasantly surprised when she came back from school this evening ... hee hee.

I've bought a Portable Keyboard Yamaha Portatone PSR-E313 for her today !!

After sitting-in one of her piano lessons last Sunday, I discovered that her current hand-me-down Casio Keyboard is slightly out-of-tune/faulty when she practiced at home.

On top of that, I thought it might further motivate her to practice more regularly when she has a Keyboard to call her own ... do you agree with me ??

However, I shall monitor her learning progress &/or interest (for 1 year) before making another investment of purchasing a Yamaha Upright Piano which will easily cost between a range of S$4K ~ S$8K. **faint**

{ R1 is happily opening & trying out her
"present" while eating a lollipop. }

01 April, 2008

R1's First Loose Tooth

When R1 reached home from school today, she came straight to me and smiled and IT WAS GONE -- the wriggly tooth she had for merely a week ! ... and this is not supposed to be an April Fool's joke ... ha ha ha.

This brave little girl of mine, went to her school's dentist (on her own) during recess time to get it extracted ... Whoo Hoo !

R1 is well aware that losing baby teeth is a part and parcel of one's life - a milestone in her growing up years ... and she is so proud of herself !!!

Wanna take a look at her new smile ???

Other than a dimple in a cute little chin,
What's more adorable than a toothless grin?
~Azu "Betty" Espezia