15 May, 2009

A Shutterbug-To-Be

It's yet another "free & easy" workday in the office ... I've been surfing the net as usual, like nobody's business since this morning.

Happened to chance upon the People's Association website & found something interesting ** Whoohoo !! **

Without much delay, I've signed up for a D'Artist Photography Class at Nanyang Community Centre, commencing on 23 May 2009. It'll be a short 8-session course, comprising of 2 field trips for outdoor shooting (day & night). Sounds exciting, huh ???

I've been wanting to attend such photography-related courses for the past 1.5 years. But majority of them were held either at the eastern or northern part of our island. And I really hate the thought of travelling so far & alone ... well, you can classify me under a commonly used term - LAZY ... ha ha ha

After firming up my foundation, I'd very much love to move on to their intermediate & advanced levels, as well as joining overseas photography trips organized by those professionals. Let's hope everything goes on well & I'll be able to fully-utilize my "WHITE ELEPHANT", purchased back in Year 2007.

Oh yes, before I end this post today ...

May all your wishes come true real SOON !!

{ As promised, here's a chocolate cake, JUST FOR YOU ... LOL }

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