18 May, 2009

Belated Mother's Day Card

Don't complain ... I can hear u ...

R2 must have read my previous blog post on Mother's Day Gift for this year & discovered his mummy has lodged a complaint that she didn't receive anything from him ... LOL (just joking, he's too young for it).

Last Friday evening, the moment I stepped into the house ... I saw R2 sitting at the dining table doodling "something", quietly & patiently. I didn't probe into what was it, as it's usual to see him "creating" art pieces, every now & then.

Minutes later, R2 presented this hand-drawn card to me ... although it's belated but I'm alright with it & I love it !! ... Thank you, my boy !!

He even pointed out to me that his design concept was ... each flower petal of the same colour, will come with an opposite pattern. This kid really has an eye for details.

P.S. I always encourage my kids to date their work, so that I can incorporate them into my scrapbook pages; in time to come.

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