09 May, 2009

Handling Anger & Disappointment

I must admit that I'm always facing difficulty in dealing with my anger, constructively & effectively ... especially towards my kids. There was another outburst of my anger earlier & both kids got whipped.

Reason :
R1's Chinese examination is scheduled on next Wednesday. BUT, instead of making use of this long weekend (Vesak Day PH) to do more revision exercises & school homework. Both kids have been monkeying around the house for more than half a day!! They were watching cartoons, playing board game, "catching" session from room-to-room, PSP gaming, doodling & such.

This afternoon, I did explain to them (patiently) that all the above-mentioned activities can be done after R1's examinations & throughout the whole June holiday. The priority now, is to get prepared for the upcoming Chinese papers.

However, R1 turned a deaf ear to all my advices & backtalked "What's the point of getting good results?!" ... I'm upset, really disappointed with her statement. I've been spending majority of my monthly paycheck on them for private tuition at home, several enrichment classes, health supplements, quality milk, magazine subscriptions & surprise gifts & toys (every now & then). But what do I get in return ??? ** sigh **

I just did some googling earlier & found some Tips for Handling Anger & will try to adopt some suggestions from these articles. Hoping that things will turn around real soon ... ...

P.S. My siblings had planned for a simple Mother's Day celebration at home this evening, but I wasn't in the mood to enjoy it at all.

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