15 April, 2009

Missing In Action ...

Hi hi, I'm back in action !!

I've not been blogging for the past 11 months or so ... and this period of time has been pretty crazy & hectic for me.

There's pretty much changes &/or happenings around me ... so, here's a summary to fill the gap ...

(1) 20 Feb 2009
Happy 60th Birthday, Mummy!

** 祝您福如東海,壽比南山 **

We had a simple buffet party at home, coz my dad strongly disagreed with my idea of throwing a small banquet at a vegetarian restaurant in town. ** sigh **

(2) 22 Jan ~ 2 Feb 2009
My kiddoes & I went on a 12-day trip to HK & China, making full use of the Lunar New Year break (hmm ... will post some pics in my next post, on our trip to Guilin).

Both kids have missed 6 days' of school, and R1 ended up with loads of homework to catch up during the following week. And my poor girl gotta stayed up late till 12am for 2 consecutive days, trying to finish as much homework as possible.

{ These kids hardly get to play together, as we'll normally fly to HK once a year. }

(3) 30 Jan 2009 (the 5th day of Lunar New Year)
Bro *A* & his girlfriend met with a traffic accident that night, while on their way home. He's suffering from a collar bone fracture and abrasions all over his body. The most serious one was at his knee cap area which needed some stitching, followed by one on his palm. There's some pics of his wounds taken, for insurance claim purposes, but will be too gross to include here.

He was discharged from the hospital on 2 Feb 2009, and recuperated at home (under my mum's tenderly care).

Anyway, he's alright now & back to work.

(4) 25 Dec 2008
R1 got transferred into a better school this year. Guess what? I've received this piece of good news on Christmas Day @ 8.45pm, while I'm on my way to a X'mas red wine session. It's the best Christmas gift that I've ever received, THANK YOU !!

On another note, I've to spent double the amount of money on books & uniforms purchases for R1 this year. BUT to me, it's worth it!

{ Granny, R2 & I popped by the new school during her recess break, to make sure that she's alright in a totally new environment. }

(5) 6 Dec 2008
My office has been relocated to Tuas South w.e.f. 6 Dec 2008 ... resulting in lesser beauty-sleep time; as I need to leave the house 45 mins earlier than usual everyday ** sigh, sigh, sigh **

(6) 14 Nov 2008
Yeah!! It was R1's Prize Presentation Day in school and it's meant to reward pupils who did well during the year-end examinations. I'm glad that R1's results have improved, although she still ranked #2 in class.

Needless to say, I took leave from work & be her personal photographer for the day ... ha ha ha.

(7) 7 Nov 2008
I've co-organised my company's annual SUSS Micro-Tec's seminar. It was a full day event at the Suntec Convention Centre.

Being the 2nd key person-in-charge for said event, has provided me much exposure & opportunities to pick up new skills.

Thank God, there's not much hiccups during the event, except for us being 10 mins late for the morning registration ... LOL. Hence, it's still considered to be a SUCCESS!!

(8) 21 Oct 2008
Goodbye ... 105 ...

My family has finally shifted out (officially) of our 22-year-old flat ... no doubt, it houses loads of beautiful memories for the family.

I remembered very clearly that we moved in when I was still in P4 (mid year). My bro & I only came back during the weekends, as we were still studying at Temasek Primary during the last half of that year. It was an one-end to another bus trip, on every friday afternoon & sunday night ... but we've enjoyed it!

Okay, that should be all for now ... and I'll try to update this little cyberspace of mine more often ... I PROMISE !! ... ha ha ha

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